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Business Plan Researcher and Writter - PREDSTAVNIŠTVO JOORNEY LLC

Broj mesta 5
Lokacija Beograd

Job Responsibilities:
  • Properly understand the client’s business model via research and analysis of received documents
  • Assess major industry trends and describe their current and future impact on the client’s business
  • Conduct relevant market research to support the feasibility of the client’s business idea
  • Conduct research on the competition and describe the client’s competitive advantages
  • Define and describe the client’s current and predicted organizational structure
  • Prepare financial assumptions and projections of the client’s business for the next five years
  • Efficiently summarize data and explain the client’s business model in detail
  • Collaborate with Project Managers and Proofreaders to determine writing objectives and deadlines, as well as to make improvements to the prepared deliverables
  • Revise documents several times per the Proofreaders’, Project Managers’, and clients’ requests
  • Provide clear and meaningful explanations on the logic behind the written content in each prepared document, when needed
  • Manage your own time effectively

  • Outstanding written English language skills
  • Competency in Microsoft Office [with a focus on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel]
  • Ability to be decidedly detail-oriented during every work day
  • Ability to adhere to tight deadlines
  • Self-motivated individual able to work independently
  • Ability to organize yourself and continuously multitask
  • Ability to quickly go through vast amounts of data and cherry-pick the important data points
  • A knack for business analytics and promptly summarizing data
  • Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree level [economics or a business-related degree is preferred]

Način prijave
You have to submit both your resume and your cover letter in English language as a part of your application in order to be considered. Additional documentation is welcome, but is not mandatory and does not have to be in English. Apply at infoserbia@joorney.com.

Po izvršenoj prijavi obavezno popuniti kratak na linku: http://goo.gl/forms/dwFQt48cpV

Rok za prijavu 31/05/2020
Gradovi: Beograd
Kategorije: Ekonomija
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