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Recruitment Intern-Faygo Plast

Lokacija Serbia, online

  1. Work closely with the New Business Development Team with proposal recruitment efforts as well as headhunting efforts for senior management positions and attend kick-off meetings and pre-proposal discussions;
  2. Prepare job applications for senior positions for top management, facilitate job advertisements in Europe and international media (online), as well as reaching out to target companies, and introducing top management profiles;
  3. Screen and review job descriptions against specific top management requirements, schedule interviews, draft messages, prepare company summaries to facilitate further candidate consideration, and follow up with companies on status or as needed to clarify details related to candidate’s background, the scope of work, or other matters;
  4. Format resumes for proposals and ongoing program/project hiring; collect company’s  biodata forms and supporting documentation; reach KPIs and assist with different markets as listed: Europe, Australia, New Zealand
  5. Building network of headhunters on defined target markets

Working time 8 hours per week
1 Free weeks possible, but need to plan in advance.

We provide you:
  1. Commission based on the success rate of closing job deals             (up to 500 USD)
  2. Free online training related to International business development in B2B sector and recruitment, training on advanced use of Linkedin, google search, negotiation etc. (for more information we will provide previous internship reviews)
  3. Certificate from company at the end of internship

Please send your resume in English, and indicate the position in email. Cover letter is highly recommended. 

  1. Strong verbal and written English language skills;
  2. Excellent computer skills;
  3. Very good attention to detail; and
  4. Strong interpersonal skills
  5. Quick learners that follow and understand online training
  6. Online research skills

Mole se zainteresovani da se prijave slanjem radne biografije na mejl info@faygo.biz, u CC : greenenergy@eustandard.net  

Nakon prijave obavezno popuniti kratak upitnik na linku: https://rb.gy/nsrhqe
Gradovi: 212 od 213 gradova
Kategorije: Marketing, PR, Menadžment
Rok za konkurisanje: 25.05.2022.god. u 23:59
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